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Decorative planters indoor

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Buy Decorative planters indoor from, Planter tables, Planter desk in your room, Perfect for dorm room's, office's, kitchen counters, or bathrooms. Perfect centerpieces for Weddings or any party Great party favors too! Perfect for Grad's and soon to be dorm rooms Desk Accessories or Dorm room decor What a great surprise to brighten up any hospital room for a loved one or sick friend. Room planter, Home Office planter, Desk planter ideas, planter Living Room, planter Living office, planter Living on desk. Orchid Species Dendrobium is the best ideas for planter desk, It is a low maintenance Dendrobium air plant. Air Plants are easy to care for. All they need is a bright spot with indirect sunlight and watering one times every 2 weeks. 

Note: dot not watering every day, 14 days periodicity watering is enough. Please do not use fertilizer and dirt clay. Not place in outside in winter, Not under direct sunlight.

Don't worry about the Dendrobium air plant will died for international shipment. These Dendrobium air plant will live more than 30 days even if not any growing media and water. Dendrobium air plant takes nitrogen and water from the air is enough for life. 
Please open box when you receive post package, Planting and watering it after place the Orchid plant at cool and ventilate about 2 hours.
The pot must has many air hole, Air groove is very important for all Orchid plant. Use Dried barky growing media, And put some small stone in but please do not use fertilizer ( Orchid takes nitrogen from the air is enough ) and dirt clay. This will help Orchaid growing and your desk keep clean.
S.Dendrobium included: S.Distichophyllum, S.BrevifloresHook, S.StuposaKraenzl, S.PedilonumLindl, S.FormosaeHook, S.Stachyobium, S.CrumenataPfitz, S.AporumLindl, S.StrongyleLindl, We offer all plant of  S.Dendrobium.
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