Different style of wooden frame for Stretched painting framed painting

Stretch oil painting buy from us, framing oil painting reproductions, framing art reproductions. Stretched Canvas can be used as a ready-to-use surface. It is made of cotton or linen fabric that has been stretched around a wooden frame. The sides and back are secured with staples, pins, tacks or a metal spline. You can prime the canvas with an oil-based primer or acrylic gesso. There are three main sizes of stretched canvases: traditional (3/4"-7/8") gallery (1-1/2") museum (2" or thicker). If the artwork will be framed, traditional is the best option. Gallery and museum stretched canvases are more difficult because of their depth. They should be hung on the walls as they are.

How to frame your new oil painting and deliver your items safely and securely? Below links will shows you how to frame your new oil painting?

Your painting is most likely made on canvas. The canvas can be stretched on a wooden frame or mounted on wood orgator board. If your painting arrived in a tube and is not stretched, you'll need to transport it to someone who can stretch it. This will likely be your local custom frame shop.

The next step is to determine if the painting is standard-sized. Standard sizes are listed in the list. All measurements are in inches. If you have a painting that is not listed, you will need to indicate this in the "Special Size or Comments" section when ordering it. The perimeter of the frame must be within the perimeter of the chosen painting.

Framing a painting that is standard-sized will be easy if you bought it. First, find a place to buy frames. You will find frames at a variety of prices in many hobby and craft stores. You won't need these to frame an oil painting. Some frames come with backing board and glass.

Oil paintings must breathe, so they should not be framed in glass. They are also rarely backed by anything more than a dust cover of paper.

This paragraph applies to frames that come with glass. Glazers points are tiny bits of metal that hold the glass and backer board in place. These can be easily removed using a needle noseplier and some elbow grease. The backer board, glass and glazers points can be thrown out. If it came with a sawtoothed hanging rod, I recommend that you also throw it out. They are notoriously inelastic for hanging paintings.

You now have a frame that's just a frame. There is no glass, backerboard or hardware to hold the painting in its place. The painting might be larger than the frame or vice versa. You will need to use two offset clips, also known as mirror hangers, two strap hangers (also called d-ring or d-ring hangers), four #8 screw heads and a length picture hanging wire that is one-half the height of the frame. To hang the painting, you will need to attach a hook or nail to the wall.

Now you can attach the canvas to the back of your frame with the offset clips. You can place one of these clips on either the top or bottom sides of the frame.

Place a strap hanger onto each side of the frame, reducing the vertical length by 1/3rd. Do not tighten the screws on the strap hangers until they are free to rotate.

Wrap the wire securely 5-6 times in the one strap hanger. The wire can be wrapped but not secured. To make it easier to place the wire on the hook, leave a little room between the wire and the hook. Wrap the wire around the wire on each side for 5-6 times. Your painting is now ready to hang!

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Safely pack Stretch canvas and frame painting for shipping

What does it means the code on item no.

For example the item no: 301-1-GO 52x28
Means that 301-1 is item code
GO is color code
51x28 means the size of wooden moulding is 52mm width and 28mm thickness

The color code:
A- Brown
H-Gold foil
I-Imitation white timber
K-Modelled after an antique
N-Wood color
O-Press (Gold Sliver print)
Y-Silver foil


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