Thomas Kinkade
American painter, Kinkade’s abundant harvest, Kinkade’s landscape painting
Thomas Kinkade (January 19, 1958-April 6, 2012) grew up in the town of California. He married in 1982 and had four daughters and all named for famous artists, but he and his wife had been separated for over a year before his death in 2012. As an American painter of popular realistic, bucolic and idyllic subjects, he rendered in highly idealistic American scene painting values. Kinkade’s landscape paintings are often portray bucolic, idyllic settings, such as gardens, streams, stones, cattages, lighthouses and main streets. The key feature of his paintings are their glowing highlights and staturated pastel colors.
At the age of four, when Kindade began to scrawl, he had shown his talent on painting and his relatives and teachers all thought that he was a little genius, when he was 14, he determined to engage in artistic creation. And after his work for Bakshi Studio done, he began his career as a peofessional painter, his original paintings were sold in various parts of California art galleries hold 10 artistic exhibitions to show and well his works with the help of investors around 1984, and until the early 1998, it was increased to over 100 exhibitions.
Thimas Kinkade was the most popular gifted painter, who was favourite with the collectors of contemporary United States. He was good at lyrical landscape for his love to the Amercan field scenery, Kinkade’s landscape paintings made his brushes never stop and made him never abandoned his pursue for the art no matter how hard he would meet. We are also able to interpret the feelings of another part of the home through his brush. In Kinkade’s landscape paintings, we are not only can see a series of beautiful landscape pictures, but also the love and warmth of home, this is might why his paintings are loved by the collectors all over the world and the paintings of him would become the most rich collection of contemporary paintings
Thomas Kinkade died at his home in California of “acute intoxication” from alcohol and valium on April 6, 2012, at the age of 54. As an American painter, Kinkade’s abundant harvest was notable for the mass marketing of his work as printed reproductions and other licensed products via the Thomas Kinkade company. It is estimated that in every 20 American homes, there is 1 owns a copy of his paintings. His production method has been described as “a semi-industrial process in which low-level apprentices embellish a prefab base provided by Kinkade”. It is assumed that he had a hand in most of his original, conceptual work that he produced, but it is believed that Kinkade designed and printed all of his original paintings, but collectors were likely to own were printed factory-like and touched up with manual brush strokes by someone other than Kinkade.
American painter Kinkade’s abundant harvest also including many awards for his works through his life,  and he has also authored or been the subject of over 120 books and he is the only artist to license his trademark and artwork to multiple housing developments. As so many collectors gather masterpieaces of him, don’t you want to own some too? Our expert artist will immediately reproduce all Thomas Kinkade paintings artwork online by handmade if you want.