Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841—1919) was born in Limoges, Haute-Vienne, France,  then they moved to Paris. He was the child of a working-class family so his character and temperament were closed to civilians. He was equally to everyone and never nitpicked to his models. Then Renoir’s portrait paintings were painted over times. He always kept in silence and looked gloomy, but once you talked with him about paintings, his face would glow at once and would be so happy that even sang songs while he was painting.  
Renoir had been begun to paint onto the road as he was a boy, when he worked in porcelain factory where his drawing talents led to his being chosen to paint designs on fine china around 1850s. He also painted hanging for overseas missionaries and decorations on fans before he enrolled in art school. During those early years, he often visited the Louvre to study from the French master painters. In 1862, he began to study art in Paris, there he acquainter himself with many friends, including Alfred Sisley, Frederic Bazille and Claude Monet. During the France-Pussian War, he was mistaken for a spy and was arrested by some communards when he painted on the banks of the Seine River. Not running in distant parts like others, but stayed in Paris and painted a lot of Renoir’s paintings of street life sceneries as a record.
Initially, he was closely associated with the impressionistic movement, and his early paintings are typical impressionistic opuses recorded of the real life, but Renoir’s portrait paintings were turned to then, especially painted for women, which enabled him to use his painting skills more rigorouly and formally. He might be the most popular one of all of the impressionistic painters for his attractive paintings with beautiful children, flowers, beauty viewswomen , Renoir’s paintings of street life and so on, all were directly described by him in his paintings.
Being famous not only for Renoir’s paintings of street life, but for Renoir’s portrait paintings with warm and sweet and relaxed atmosphere more, we could hardly feel something pained or see something religionary. On the contrary, we can always feel the warmth of family from the mothers’ or the sisters’ smiles. Around 1892, he was developed his suffering of rheumaoid arthritis. He pursued on his painting during his last twenty years of his life, even when arthritis severely limited his movement and he was wheelchair-bound. He developed proressive deformities in his hands and ankylosis of his right shoulder, requiring him to chang his painting technique.
Renoir is a man of strong will, his paintings not only enable you to enjoy the beauty of them, but also you are able to feel his characters more from his paintings when you know more about him. We now get kinds of his reproduction arts and you are supposed to require some of the most famous painter’s masterpieces you like during 19 century, or if you cannot find some of his paintings you like in our site, please tell us and we will try our best to content you !