Paul Gauguin (June 7, 1848—May 8, 1903) was born in Paris, France. He was a leading French Post-Impressionist artist who was not well appreciated until after his death. He was an important figure in the Symbolist movement as a painter, sculptor, print-maker, ceramist, and writer. Gauguin’s works were more tend to Primitivism and returned to the pastoral. The uses of colors and lines in his paintings were more rugged. His works were often been compared to Van Gogh’s,  they used to be good friends and painted each other’s portraits, , but they did not maintain a good friendship for they deterred in different roads in the end. The French Post-Impressionist artist Gauguin did not like urban civilization, but longing for wild life, which were able to see in his works.
The French Post-Impressionist artist Gauguin, his father was a radical republican idedogical and political news reporter. In 1849, his father left France after a failed military coup of “anti-monarchy”, and decided to go to Peru refuge his wife’s family, but suffered an heart attack ahile traveling in the sea and died. Gauguin had been lived in Peru to seven, exotic childhood memories, traveling with his habit of wondering later have a great relationship. He deeply beloved hid mother and grandmother:His mother did not succumb to difficulties in starting their own hands to dependent her son and daughter, and his grandmother was a famouse socialist poineer feminist therists. These childhood family experiences affected his adult art style. One of Gauguin’s few early memories of his mother was of her wearing the traditional costume of Lima, one eye peeping from behind her manteau, the mysterious one-eye veil that all women in Lima went out in. He was always drawn to women with a “traditional” look. This must hae been the first of the colorful female costumes that over to haunt his imagination.
In 1855, the French painter Gauguin returned to France and lied in Orleans. In 1865, he became the crew, a few years later he entered the Navy. This maritime career, let him sailing to Brazil, Panama, Oceania, Eastern Mediterranean and the Artctic Circle, while also attributed a lot to his apintings. His mother had passed away whrn he was at the wea in 1867, and he left the Navy in 1871. In the help of his guardian, Gauguin entered the stock exchange of Paul Bertin in Paris.  The French Post-Impressionist artist Gauguin was a quite tasteful art collector, he enjoyed collecting kinds of collections of famous French painters before he became a painter, and he gradually went to the road of painting ahead under his colleague’s influence. Unfortunately, the paintings were difficult ti sell for the art market had been impacted by the economic boom at the same time. Embarrassment dued to economic and other conflicts, the French painter Gauguin separated with his wife. Gauguin began to explore his own painting style.
The French painter Gauguin was confronted with healthy problems since the spate of sex with indigenous women, so that he contracted syphillis. The disease was still incurable at that time, he had to worry about it during his later life. When he was 41 years old, Gauguin became addict to sleep and began coughing up blood, he even cough one liter per day and the pain seems to junp out of the heart. In 1892, he was sent to military hospital in Papeete to treat syphilitic and heart diseas, however, he never recgnized syphilis. Alghout he was reluctant, he had to make an application to returned to France. However, this was only his temporary retreat. Obtaining his uncle’s gift heritage, his economic condition improved to some extent, but the money made him leave France forever. In 1901, The French Post-Impressionist artist Gauguin went to the Marquesas Islands, when he apet the rest of his life, his teo legs were pus flowing to the dirty bandage wrap, he hobbled on crutches dangling. He became manic and had taken to the mountains of arsenic of commit suicide. In May 8, 1903, Gauguin died of heart disease, his tomb was located on the Marquesas Islands Hia Oa Isaland, and many tourists still visited every year to mourn.
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