Henry Asencio was born in Los Angeles in 1972 and raised in Santa Maria, Clifornia. He painted a self-taught artist up until his mid-twenties and experimented with elements of Realism, specifically Photorealism. After years of experimentation with various global influences, he developed an unique artistic style of his own. An Abstract Expressionist and awarding-winning contemporary American portrait painter Asencio, who worked largely in the medium of oil on canvas. He was widely known for his paintings of the female form on abstract backgrounds. His works were like his statement, “personal investigations of femininity, spirituality and abstraction possess the power to transform today’s ideals of contemporary sensuality and simple elegance”.
In 1996, Henry Asencio was sponsored by art supply company, Thayer and Chander, which was resulted in exposure in exhibitions as far as Germany and Paris. In 1998, Asencio’s work was recognized in an art comprtition in Amsterdam, where he earned the prestige of being a first-time artist dually awarded with gold and silver medals in two separate divisions: self-portraiture in oils and work in acrylic medium, respectively. He studied and trained in area of fine art, and graduated with honors from the San Francisco Academy of art University in 1999. Henry Asencio was even a chosen finalist in The Artist’s Magazine competition for his portraiture at the same year. Then in 2000, Asencio began his professional painting career with limited edition mixed media prints, which were used techniques that combined lithography and serigraphy. Once printed, the paintings were then each hand embellished. Prints were produced in limited editions of 195 and 25 artist’s proofs.
Portrait painter Asencio, was especially good at paintings of the female form, he stated: “I believe with all of may heart that there is nothing as noble as the figure, especially the female form”. Asencio’s painting style was loosely defined in contemporary format, combining elements of expressionism and realism with abstract painting techniques. His art has been described as “Abstract Expressionism” and “Abstract Realism”. He said of his own style: “My strongest influences as far as technique are the Abstract Expressionists. I like very much that they had their own philosophy. I use what I am moe empathetic with and that blends somewhat with my own personality’. Famouse Abstract Expressionist and an awarding-winning comtemporary portrait painter Asencio, he was influenced so much from other masters in the art world, as he said: “There ate giants in the art world who really move me: de Kooning (he makes every stroke of the brush different), Lucien Fruend (his work of the flesh is unsurpassed), Picasso (unbelievable vision, work ethic and unrelenting passion), and Klimt (making decorative painting with honesty). If I can bring as much integrity or do as much as they can as far as choosing my own path and following it. I’ll be happy. The recognition I don’t need as much”.
As Asencio himself said: “Painting for me is very cathartic and is the most articulate way for me to express my passion and internal dialogues”. We can easily feel his passion to painting from his works. If you are enthusiasm in paintings as well, if you are one of Asencio’s supporters, or if you want to collect some masterpieces of Henry Asencio, please contact us and we will provide you oil painting reproductions of Henry Asencio copied by our artists’ handmade. All works have already displayed on our site, please have your enjoyment !