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Oscar-Claude Monet (1840. 11. 14—1926. 12. 5) was born in Paris, France, then his family left for LeHavre when he was five. His father was a businessman and wanted him to inherit their family’s grocery store, but his dream was to become an artist. His grades were not good and his only hobby was painting. He always painted cartoons on his notebooks and had grasped some painting skills day by day. His parents disapprove of him painting, but he never been bored with it. After years, his cartoons were displayed and sold in stationery shops.
Around 1850s, the historic figure Monet was enlightened by painting and was formally learing painting in 1859 when he back to Paris. He was waked up because of the traditional art education in university. He joined the Charles Gleyre in Paris in 1862 and he got acquainted with Pirre-Auguste Renior, Frederic Bazille, Alfred Sisley, who created a new kind of art skill——“Impressionism”, which was painted outside with natural light and strong oil paintings jointly, such as the historic figure Monet’s later work “Water Lily Pond”. In 1866, he painted “The Woman in the Green Dress” , his wife Camille Doncieux as his model. Then his wife was gien birth to their first child, Jean. During the France-Pussian War (1870—1871), he took refuge in England and he learned from J. M. W. Turner’s opuses, which aroused his researches on color of innovation. After married and have children, he expaned the scope of travel and expaned the source of inspiration for painting at the same time in 1870s, when is the most important ten years for impressionistic popularized as well. It was the most hard year in 1879 after his wife Camille died and left his a one-year-old little son and a twelve-year-old son. From 1890s, the historic figure Monet started to concentrat on his creations of  Water Lily Pond. But his eyes turned some problems, he still continued to his painting. His second wife was died in1911 and his eldest son was died in 1914, it’s so stricken to him that his sight problems was being worsen and worsen. Ironically, he became a successful painter by that time and some of his paintings were collected by government.
The historic figure Monet was filled with passion for nature and painting, he specialized in experimental and performance techniques of light and shadows. His representative works including “Impression Sunrise”, ”Rouen Notre Dame”, ”Water Lily Pond” and so on. His paintings are still prevalent, we have kinds of reproductions of Monet’s original paintings by our artists who are able to copy his paintings on canvas 100% made by hand.  No matter which oil painting reproductions of Monet you want , just tell us, we are absolutely able to help you do it as possible as we can !