Anne Goldthwaite (1869–1944) was an American artist and an advocate of women's rights and equal rights. As the United States plotted a path forward in the aftermath of the Civil War, painter and printmaker Anne Goldthwaite (1869-1944) blazed her own trail, albeit at odds with accepted roles for American women. Whether sketching home folk in the South, or chronicling Continental scenes when living abroad, she would imbue her observations with a sunny spirit reflecting the elán of her own interesting life.
In presenting the work of Anne Goldth-waite in these galleries. I do not introduce a new luminary into the metropolitan heavens. Her works etched and in oils have been watched by gallery goers with keen appreciation for a number of seasons. The rays which Anne Goldthwaite dartles are not of dazzling splendor. Hers is the kindly sparkle, the quiet badinage of a gay-spirited philosopher, whose gentle \ wisdom could only stem from wise gener-ations back of her. What masters taught her during her J long stay in Paris her pictures forbear to tell. Anne Goldthwaite's work is the ex-pression of her very self. The many masterpieces whose work she has admired she has managed to forget. Whether she invented ^ or where she found her surprising use of ^ black outlines matters not at all. What matters is that it is hers and crisply ex-presses her piquant fondness for the world as she finds it. c CL Anne Goldthwaite is too philosophical to be serious and too serious to be unac-complished. Facts are deftly and gaily touched upon in this informal chat where wits are quick and half a statement suf-fices. It is the lightness of touch of the well-bred Old South with the disenchanted wisdom of Paris added.

Actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by Anne Goldthwaite.

OIL PAINTINGS: Anne Goldthwaite painting art, Buy painting of The Green Sofa, Buy painting of Yellow Calla Lilies
1 Interior
2 Yellow Awning
3 Portrait of a Young Girl
4 Court House
5 Portrait of John Butler Yeats
6 Street in Boguehomo
7 Bouquet (Loaned by Mrs. Hamlin)
8 Bouquet
9 Home in Alabama
10 Cotton Field
11 Mulberry and Mimosa
12 Church on Cragsmore
13 Portrait of Judge Goldthwaite (Loaned by the Supreme Court of Alabama
14 Magnolia Tree
15 Portrait of Mrs. J. S. (Loaned by Mr. J. S.)
16 Portrait of Rev. Dr. Joseph Barry (Loaned by Church of St. Mary the Virgin)
17 The Square, Montgomery
18 Portrait Head of Negro Woman.
19 State House, Alabama
20 Passers-by
21 Old Fountain, Montgomery
22 Portrait of Mrs. T. (Loaned by Dr. Oscar Teague) WATER COLORS
23 The High-road
24 Skyscraper
25 Old Garden
26 Florida
27 West Tenth Street
28 Yellow Tree •
30 Cock Fight
31 The Recital
32 New York Harbor
33 At Montmartre
34 Portrait, Edward G. Lowry
35 Saturday
36 Avenue de L'Observatoire.
37 Scissors Grinder
38 Chapelle du Val-de-Grace
39 Portrait, Viola Roseboro'
40 Detail of a Facade
41 Chateau Thierry
42 The Moth
43 Fig Tree
44 Portrait, Rev. Dr. Barry
45 Poplars in Morningside Park
46 Fraulein von Knapitsch
47 Moment Musicale, I.
48 Luxembourg Gardens
49 Condors
50 Negro Women at Fountain
51 Head of Young Woman
52 The Pantheon
53 Moment Musicale, II.
54 Cotton
55 Les Sylphides
56 Portrait, Mrs. S. B.
57 Deserted Garden.
58 Carnival
59 Egyptian Dancer; II.
60 Bridge Across the Marne
61 Mother and Child
62 Door of Bal Bullier
63 Egyptian Dancer, I.
64 St. Marks in the Bowery
65 Moment Musicale, III.
66 Evening
67 Hillside
68 Portrait of an Aviator